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Schools programs_640x480Sydney Bike Skills offer a comprehensive training package for schools that covers the fundamentals of bicycle riding skills and bike education. Apart from the benefit of being able to ride a bike safely and skilfully, and have a good knowledge of road safety rules, participants will benefit from increased fitness, improved coordination, balance and confidence. The program is also lots of FUN!

Instead of having to take your students off site and transport them to a location which provides this training, Sydney Bike Skills will come to your school and conduct a session, or series of sessions covering bike skills and safety that will meet the Board of Studies PDHPE syllabus requirements. This will save your school time and money and also provide students with an opportunity to practise riding their own bike and correctly fitting their own helmet. Sydney Bike Skills provides all the training equipment except the bikes and helmets.

The Sydney Bike Skills programs are based on the training materials provided by AustCycle which is Australia’s national cycling accreditation program. Go to: 

The bike skills programs can be incorporated into a one off sports lesson, or into a series of progressive lessons tailored to suit the needs of the group. A typical one hour lesson covers the following skills and knowledge components.

Bike Skills Fundamentals - 1 hour lesson

  • Bike and helmet check
  • Safety discussion
  • Correct riding position
  • Riding in a straight line
  • Riding around obstacles
  • Cornering and hand signals
  • Precision braking and emergency braking
  • Balance and scanning to the rear
  • Road safety rules
  • Games and prizes

Sydney Bike Skills is the only accredited AustCycle provider on the Northern Beaches. All our instructors are qualified AustCycle instructors who have experience in teaching children.

This is what Jules McKenzie-Assistant Principal had to say about Sydney Bike Skills.

‘I recommend this program as this is an excellent support for bike safety units. The staff are very professional and extremely confident in their management of the students. My group would have happily continued their lesson for another couple of hours! ’ 

Contact Lisa for a personalised quote for your school.

Parents of participants are required to complete a registration form before the course commences. 

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