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To create a company that provides excellence in teaching and coaching bicycle skills (both on road and off road), by making it fun and safe. The outcomes are more proficient riders, and the improved health and wellbeing of participants. Another goal is to provide commuters with the skills necessary to ride to work safely and therefore help reduce traffic accidents and car fuel emissions.


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''Can't thank you enough Lisa for showing me,(mountain bike skills and tips),but more importantly, for challenging me" 

Chris Belyea- Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills Lesson Participant.

“A fantastic  teacher, full of patience and really clear. I will be contacting Lisa for some private follow up lessons.”

Francesca Ferrari-mother of Alexandra
(9 years old)

“The girls had a great time and loved the fact that they made huge progress.”

Sophie Tavener-mother of Jemima and Poppy (9 years old)

"I recommend this program, particularly for the stage 2 students, as this is an excellent support for bike safety units. The staff are very professional and extremely confident in their management of the students. My group would have happily continued their lesson for another couple of hours!” Jules McKenzie- Assistant Principal North Narrabeen Public School

“Sydney Bike Skills ran a most practical course with our primary school students that covered cycling, basic bike maintenance and road safety. The students improved their riding skills and gained valuable knowledge during their sessions. The staff had a great rapport with the children, were highly organised and effective." Margaret Lesley-Assistant Principal Willoughby Public School.


Two Very Happy Customers

Lisa recently completed a 2 hour mountain bike session with Hanley Tan and Laval Chung. It was a great day out and both Hanley and Laval progressed their mountain bike skills. This is some feedback provided by Hanley:-

"Thank you Lisa for the wonderful training today. We need professionals like you to show us the correct MTB techniques. We definitely need to practise more of what you've taught us. "

(Hanley Tan Oct 9, 2016)

Lisa and Hanley

Testimonial from a Very Happy Customer

Hi Lisa

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the beginner mountain bike skills clinic on the weekend.

I thought I might have been a bit too advanced for the beginners skills clinic, however on reflection I gained a lot from it and I’m glad I stayed in the beginners group.


I really appreciated the focus on technique such as riding position when cornering and braking, as well as how to best position yourself and your bike to get over obstacles.


I thought the course was well organised and flowed really well! I think we were given just the right amount of time to learn new skills and then practice them. I felt like you divided your time up between all participants evenly and I know that I gained insightful individual coaching from you. Thanks!


In my opinion, what we practiced in the morning translated really well into what we did after lunch so for me that was a really good progression to put my new skills into practice.

I thought the course length was appropriate and I also found the discussion about safety gear, tyre pressure, adjusting your seat and cleaning your bike valuable as well.


I’m sitting here trying to think of some constructive criticism for you but I don’t have any! Maybe if you could control the weather a bit better next time… to be honest I wasn’t even bothered by the rain.

The course will be well recommended by me to my family and friends.

Kind regards,

David Grant


Lisa McHarg and Liz Bennett from Sydney Bike Skills won the 2014 Pairs Cross Country Mountain Bike Event at the Kings School Mountain Bike Classic.

They are photographed here with the Kings School Headmaster and Mountain Bike Coach.

Kings School race resize

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